A Fresh diet. The best your doggo can get.

A Premium food for healthier skin, a shinier coat, a stronger immune system, and all the energy to chase down those squirrels. Free from artificial preservatives, dodgy meats, and cheap fillers.

Everything your pup needs – nothing they don’t.

Real Ingredients.
Human grade and preservitave free, our chow is made with the same real ingredients that you find in your own fridge. Go ahead, taste it for yourself.
Made Fresh.
We use data to to know when your pup is running low and is due for a fresh box. Preservitave free and delivered to your door.
Delivered to you.
We deliver it strait to your door - for free. Spend more moments with your best friend and less of your time at the store.
Whats inside?

Real ingredients you can see.

Why is freeze dried better?

We believe our pets deserve real food. Fresh food. Food that's free from unnecessary additive and dodgy meats. Food that gives them the energy to live their lives to the fullest. Food that’s properly crafted around their naturally carnivorous diets. In short, we wanted a dog food that we would actually feel good about feeding to our dogs.