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Asterx Health iOS Application

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Next-generation self-service digital concierge platform empowering patients to start and stay on their specialty prescription medication.

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AsteRx Health


Mobile Design




iOS & Android Design


Empowering patients to start and stay on their specialty prescription medication

Formed in 2020, AsteRx Health is building the next-generation self-service digital concierge platform to empower patients with tools to efficiently navigate their access journey and engage in their therapy. Their goal is to bring visibility to the overly complex access process thereby improving patient experience, increasing the speed to therapy, and reducing prescription abandonment. Patients are often confused and overwhelmed by the complexity of the access process. AsteRx provides patients with the visibility and tools to navigate through their access journey and beyond. Patients are now in control and better informed.

"1 in 5 patients abandon therapy even before getting access to their specialty medication"

AsteRx Health
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Kevin offers a unique approach and churns out top tier design. He has helped transform the way we do business.

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