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Birdies Golf Course Management

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Simplify daily operations with a robust, easy-to-use tee sheet built in the cloud for access on all devices.

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CoursePro, LLC


Product Designer




Product Design - Web Design


Creating software from scratch is no easy feat... but I think we nailed it!

Golf software seemed to be stuck in the late 90's. Golf is seeing a resurgence with the younger crowd and has actually seen its largest increase in new players since 1997. This meant a new type of tool needed to be built to better suit the industry. Out with the old - in with the new as they say. Working with the Birdies team, we identified the ideal features which needed the most of our attention and started there. As the project grew we began to explore new ways to simplify the daily operations for all of the people behind the scenes and build something truly unique yet familiar at its core.

"Because of Kevin we now have a massive leg up on EVERYONE in the industry in terms of user experience and feature richness. He's a part of the team for life!"

Sam Fulter

CoursePro, LLC
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Kevin offers a unique approach and churns out top tier design. He has helped transform the way we do business.

Zane Carter

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